Photographer & Writer
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I'm an aspiring photographer and writer currently based in Southern California. I studied art photography and creative writing at San Francisco State University, and have a background working and volunteering for various art based non-profit organizations in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

My photographic interests are primarily documentary and narrative photography, and my writing focuses include playwriting, film, and fiction. I'm interested in creating thoughtful work that examines relationships between people or place, and which explores and asks questions of self and identity.

Photographic influences include Alec Soth, Wright Morris, and Uta Barth. Writing influences are John Steinbeck, Haruki Murakami, Adam Rapp, and Anais Nin.

In addition to writing and photography, my other interests include complaining about the coffee in LA vs SF, traveling to "cold" destinations, and expressing my love for the 9th Doctor. He was fantastic.